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What We do

Personalised Muay Thai Training

At Muay Thai Fit we are passionate about helping YOU reach your goals, whether it be fitness, weight-loss or self-defence you’re interested in.

We use authentic Muay Thai training and a personalised training approach to suit the needs of each individual student.

We offer a unique mobile personal trainer service, at your Home, Office, nearby Park or our home base in Table View, Cape Town.


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Muay Thai Training with Jean


What we teach

We offer a range of boxing and overall fitness disciplines for amateur and professional fighters.
Our main focus is Muay Thai Boxing for improved fitness, weight-loss and self-defense.

Boxing Lessons Cape Town


Our personal Boxing training provides great ‘total body‘ conditioning and toning, improving stamina, strength and balance.

It helps improve your cardiovascular system, teaches the basics of stand-up fighting and boosts your self-confidence.

At Muay Thai Fit our focus is on Boxing for Fitness and Health gains and while we’re capable of training pro-boxers, our mission is to help amateurs reach their fitness goals & to lose weight using boxing as the medium.

Personal Muay Thai Training Cape Town

Muay Thai Boxing

Our Muay Thai Boxing lessons build on from traditional boxing, incorporating the use of Kicks, Knees, Elbow Strikes and other more complex striking/defence methods.

Again, our emphasis is on personal fitness and the improvement of Muay Thai fighting techniques to boost your overall health and well-being.

Reach your weight goals and boost your self-confidence, while learning how to defend yourself too.

HIIT Training Cape Town

Interval Training (HIIT)

Circuit/Interval Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) & Callisthenics is incorporated into our boxing training programmes to help clients reach their goals faster.

This training Improves overall fitness, body strength & flexibility, making you a better fighter. Whether you’re doing Boxing or Muay Thai as a pro or amateur, HIIT type training is massively beneficial.

Our HIIT Training is suitable for non-boxers too as a stand-alone option.

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Your Muay Thai Coach - Jean De La Querra

Your Trainer

Introducing ‘Jean De La Querra’

Meet Jean, the owner and trainer at “Muay Thai Fit“.

Combat sports go far back in his family history and Jean has been doing Martial Arts from a very early age.

At age 15 he started his Muay Thai Training and at age 24 he flew to Thailand, where he trained at the Sinbi Muay Thai Camp in Phuket.

Jean had 7 professional fights in Thailand, winning 5, under the guidance of his coach, the highly ranked Sinbi Taewoong.

After leaving Thailand, Jean continued to train and teach Muay Thai under the supervision of MMA Coach “Anthony Kettle” at Panther Academy of Physical Arts in Parklands, Cape Town.

Currently Jean is a Freelance Coach at ‘410 MMA’, while also attending to his private coaching clients.

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Important Information
1x Training Session is approximately 40-60 Minutes long with the FREE Introductory Session being a maximum of 30-Minutes.
All Training Session durations are determined by your personal trainer (coach) and subject to change based on your fitness level.
Monthly Member Sessions and any Free Sessions are calculated subject to the Calendar Month and are non-cumulative.
Medical Disclaimer Applies to all training, diet plans and advice given!

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